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Our lives are often so busy many of us don’t know the people living closest to us. Getting to know our neighbours helps create a sense of belonging, strengthens connections and ensures everyone is involved in the buzz of local community. Know My Neighbour is a simple initiative to encourage neighbourliness through sharing creative ideas of friendly activities to get know those that live closest to us. Together we can reduce social isolation in our city – what small part can you play?

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We’re encouraging neighbours to tell us their stories of getting to know their neighbours. Please feel free to tell us yours!

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Getting to Know my Neighbours

“My flat mate accepted a package for my neighbour when they were out and when I returned home I decided to take it up to them -I didn’t know who it was but it was quite large and a bit in the way. When they answered they were really pleased, having waited in for some time for it. We had a little chat on the door step and discovered that she and her family were from Bulgaria, a country I was planning to visit imminently for a research trip. She ended up inviting me for tea and helped me to plan a little of my trip. We then discovered we had a similar interest in plants and have set a date to visit Kew Gardens together… it seems neighbours can become friends in a flash…
On my way home the other week I came across a set of keys on the pavement, I could tell they were for the block of flats I live in because there was a ‘fob’ to enter the building on the key ring. I posted a note on our community Facebook page to alert anyone who had lost them to get in touch. The next day I had a message from my new neighbour who had just moved in that he had lost some. He was so pleased I had taken the time to pick them up, having been anxious about the keys that the next day he delivered flowers to say thanks.”

Laura – Queen’s Park

“Before being involved with Know My Neighbour I hadn’t thought about and didn’t have the confidence to connect with my immediate neighbours. I started to make an effort to say hello to my neighbours on either side and chat with them over the garden wall and with my neighbour who lives above me. Now we have mini festivals in the garden (we all share a love of fires and all have fire pits so this was an obvious way to join together  and socialize with each other), we share looking after each others cats, swap gardening tool and tips and one of my neighbours has been inspired to start chatting to an older lady who lives alone on the street – they discovered a shared love of drumming and are off to a class shortly. For my children, who initially said “why do we want strangers in our house and garden mummy?” getting to know our neighbours has been a revelation and from this they have developed relationships, which they had never thought of before and which go beyond friends and family. My son has learnt to play pool (my neighbour’s pool table is in the garden!), build fires and my daughter gets to play with my neighbour’s rabbits.

We are a far happier community as a result of Know My Neighbour and know that we can call on each other if we do need help. For example, I had a flood in my basement and was able to borrow my neighbours towels and dehumidifier which sorted out the problem quickly and minimised the damage to carpets and furniture. When my drain got blocked and I was unable to use my washing machine my neighbour lent me his.”


Tracey – Hove