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Our lives are often so busy many of us don’t know the people living closest to us. Getting to know our neighbours helps create a sense of belonging, strengthens connections and ensures everyone is involved in the buzz of local community. Know My Neighbour is a simple initiative to encourage neighbourliness through sharing creative ideas of friendly activities to get know those that live closest to us. Together we can reduce social isolation in our city – what small part can you play?

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We’re encouraging neighbours to tell us their stories of getting to know their neighbours. Please feel free to tell us yours!

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The houses either side of ours are inhabited by students and they’ve both just been re-let to new groups of students. I picked up some of your postcards during the Festival in May and I posted one through the house to the right of ours last week. They came round 5 days later with a batch of homemade fairy cakes!! The house to the left has just been re-inhabited this week so I’ll put a postcard through..


Brighton resident

Just a few weekends ago, Friends of Westdene Green hosted a community picnic and celebrated The Barn coming back into community hands. You can read more about this community event here.

westdene green

Friends of Westdene Green