Encouraging Mince Meet Up 2014 feedback

David and Janet, Hove one month after their Mince Meet up:

“We had been meaning to invite the neighbours round ever since we moved to Hove 4 yrs ago! So Mince Meet up was a good prompt for us. We invited the close neighbours up and down and across the road for tea and mince pies, all of them came except our immediate neighbours who were busy with kids. One lady across the road had recently lost her husband, another lady on her own had recently moved here, another man’s wife was housebound, it was quickly apparent that most of our neighbours are quite elderly. We had a nice time, and they all enjoyed it and said they would like to do it again at Easter. I was asked by the lady who lives on her own and had recently moved in if I could help her move a radiator form her car to her garage the next day. A few days later my neighbour’s son knocked to ask me to help get her up as she’s had a fall and he couldn’t manage on his own. Also, the lady across the road who recently lost her husband has also started visiting the elderly lady next door to us. All in all it made us realise that we don’t always have to go searching far and wide to seek out people with real needs as there are quite a few right on our doorstep who are alone and often just need a small task doing or a little bit of time.”

Jamie, The Level:

“We delivered Christmas cards and cookies to our neighbours, it was really encouraging to receive such a warm response. It’s nice to know who is living in our neighbourhood and be able to look out for each other. We’re encouraged by this initiative and will be doing more to engage with our neighbours.”


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