Christmas Card Feedback

Feedback from neighbours:
“I just wanted to let you know that my daughter has sent Christmas cards to all our street within a couple of hours we received 2 Xmas cards back!!! She is so delighted and we are enjoying this way to do random acts of kindness. We are so pleased!!😄😄😄😄
I can’t help get excited and say if there’s anything we can do to help let us know.”
“The neighbour cards are already working. I delivered 11 this morning to the other flats in our building here at Park Village, Sussex and this afternoon my neighbour came with a plate of lentils to say “thank you.” We talked and made arrangements to spend time together during the holiday break here at the University. Thank you for the cards and this wonderful idea.”
Hollingdean win the best initiative in getting to know their neighbours this Christmas! A couple of residents are encouraging their street to make snowflakes for their window to create a blizzard of snowflakes. They enclose a piece of paper  with their letter, to help get them started and invited those that would like to make snowflakes with others to do so together at their house with mulled wine on a set date.
Lewes Road Area
​”We’ve had some lovely responses to our Christmas cards including an invitation to a mulled wine and mince pie party. Also it gave us a great opportunity to offer to cook for a couple who have just had a baby and don’t have any family near-by – they were really touched by their neighbours offering to do something so practical for them and I never would have done it without having the Christmas card as an easy way to make contact!”
This is encouraging news do let us know how you get on with delivering your Christmas cards.



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