Partner Stories – Friends of Westdene Green

Friends of Westdene Green have already made an impact in making their part of the City more connected and neighbourly:

Friends of Westdene Green is a group of neighbours who care about Westdene Green, a beautiful green space in the suburbs of north Brighton.
We meet regularly to get to know one another better and discuss how we can help make life at Westdene Green even better for everyone. We are currently working hard to secure a small building: The Barn, to be run by and for our local community.
We’ve developed a web and social media presence, we flyer local shops and we also want to make sure that people who don’t access the internet are always invited to events, so one of our members suggested ‘Street Reps’.
We have now recruited 20 volunteer ‘Street Reps’ (and counting!) whose job is to print out flyers and post them through every letter box in their street. At the same time, they have the opportunity to have a chat on the doorstep and get to know their neighbours even better!

To find out more visit: Westdene Green


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