Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service

Brighton & Hove Independent Mediation Service is one of our latest partners to join Know My Neighbour

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Below they explain a little bit about what they do and the services they offer…

“Brighton and Hove Mediation Service (BHIMS) is a small independent charity,  operating in Brighton, Hove and the Lewes area.  We can offer mediation, one-to-one conflict coaching and tailor-made training packages.

We support:

Neighbours in dispute.

Tenants and landlords in dispute

Colleagues in dispute in the workplace

People facing conflict within their own family

Sheltered housing, care or nursing home providers

Outreach services working with groups in the community


Our team of forty-plus experienced volunteer mediators come from all walks-of-life and backgrounds.  They have wide experience and undertake regular training to ensure their skills are kept up-to-date.

Every referral is different and our focus is always to listen to everyone involved and to open up conversation to improve understanding. We follow a sequence of steps which allow those involved to identify and own possible solutions.
None of this would be possible without the generosity of our sponsors and


“A process in which mediators provide a safe and supportive
structure for those in dispute to find solutions to their conflict.”


Please call us on 01273 700812 between 10.00 and 4.00 Monday to
More information can be found on our website

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