Florence Road Community Notice Board

Florence Road Community Notice Board has recently been set up on Facebook for those that live in the Florence Road area which can be used to:

  • Post stuff for sale
  • Promote events
  • Advertise skills
  • Ask for trader recommendations
  • Get advice on local issues

Whatever you see fit!

The idea to set up this community notice board was inspired by the very popular Hanover Community Notice Board on Facebook which currently has over 9000 members.

In May of this year, Brighton & Hove Independent wrote an article on the Hanover Community Notice Board which included an interview with Charlotte, one of the admins from the board. The board was set up by Charlotte who initially added just 25 people (those that she knew from Hanover). The board now has members that aren’t living in Hanover due to its popularity. During the interview, Charlotte states that the board is just a tool for people to connect in a different, time efficient way. She also added that the members of the board did a poll and the consensus was that “Hanover is a state of mind” so they aren’t strict about admissions policy which explains the large number of members!

Imagine if every area had an online community like this? Hopefully the new community notice board for Florence Road will encourage more people to set up boards for other areas…


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