Encouraging neighbourliness for a better connected Brighton and Hove

Our lives are often so busy many of us don’t know the people living closest to us. Getting to know our neighbours helps create a sense of belonging, strengthens connections and ensures everyone is involved in the buzz of local community.

Know My Neighbour is a simple initiative to encourage neighbourliness through sharing creative ideas of friendly activities to get know those that live closest to us. Together we can reduce social isolation in our city – what small part can you play?

Know My Neighbour week, 21st – 27th May, is being launched by organisations and individuals across the city because getting to know our neighbours is a highly effective way of tackling social isolation. This May, a week of initiatives and activities will help you get to know your neighbours and make our city the most connected, neighbourly and, possibly the most fun, city in the UK.

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We think Know My Neighbour could be the beginning of something big (imagine a city where everybody knew and looked out for their neighbour!) We’d love to hear about your neighbours, what you’ve done to get to know them and neighbourly activities that occur.  Leave a message here or contact Kate- hello@knowmyneighbour.org

If you’d like to be kept up to date with what is happening with Know My Neighbour, you can follow this website or Facebook and Twitter for the latest information.

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