Christmas is a great excuse to introduce yourself to your neighbours. If you already know them then it’s a great way to get to know them better – invite them around for a Christmas drink, take them a Christmas gift or let them know that you are there if they ever need anything.

Over the last two years we’ve ran two simple initiatives

Christmas 2015

Thanks to sponsorship from the East Sussex Fire Service in 2015 we gave away thousands of free Christmas cards for Brighton & Hove residents to wish their neighbours a Happy Christmas and introduce themselves.

3,000 Christmas Cards  were distributed, we were able to track a small number of cards that were distributed and received encouraging feedback: some from residents who received cards – saying what a lovely idea they thought KMN was and that they hoped we would keep it going and that the idea catches on; and some from residents who gave cards out – sharing how they received both cards in return and invitations to meet up and to share food, check out specific feedback here.

Christmas 2015 map

Christmas Card 2015 areas reached


Thank you to Jack Noel for donating the Brighton & Reindeer image and Hannah Turpin for donating the Brighton Huts image.

Mince Meet Up 2014

mince meet front2 no th (2)Mince Meet Up 2014 was the perfect excuse to pop next door to say hello during the Christmas period.

Across the city neighbours did different things:

  • Hosted Christmas drinks
  • Delivered Christmas cards and or Christmas treats
  • Sang Christmas carols down the street
  • Invited a neighbour over for a cuppa

Feedback from some neighbours…

“We delivered Christmas cards and cookies to our neighbours, it was really encouraging to receive such a warm response. It’s nice to know who is living in our neighbourhood and be able to look out for each other. We’re encouraged by this initiative and will be doing more to engage with our neighbours.” Jamie, The Level

Tell us your stories..

We’d love to hear how you got to know your neighbour, what you did, how it went and how many people came. You can simply leave a message on here below, on Facebook or Twitter or contact Kate:                    01273 694746


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