Pancake Party

Pancake season* is another great excuse to get to know your neighbours.


How can I do it?

Simply make a stack of pancakes (recipe) and invite neighbours to pop around with their favourite topping.

Feeling slightly more adventurous then challenge your neighbours to a pancake race!

Some top tips

  • If you have never met your neighbours it might be worth knocking and saying hello when you are delivering the invitation
  • Be respectable of older people they might not want to open the door at night or might struggle to leave the house
  • Put a timeframe on the invite so everyone arrives at a similar time and the end time will ensure there are no stragglers!
  • Invite a close friend to pop in too, that way there’s another friendly face to welcome guests or if only one person turns up it will be handy to a have a friend there
  • Have one or two toppings handy just in case
  • You might prefer to make the pancakes in advance (keeping them warm) so you can enjoy the pancakes and chat with neighbours when they arrive
  • If neighbours don’t come this time don’t be disheartened. Keep being friendly as they get to know you a little more
  • Have fun and enjoy!

What Next?

Let us know how you got on, leave a message here, on our Facebook or tell Amy:  or 01273 6394746


*why restrict these tasty treats to just one day!


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