Laura – Queen’s Park

Getting to Know my Neighbours

“My flat mate accepted a package for my neighbour when they were out and when I returned home I decided to take it up to them -I didn’t know who it was but it was quite large and a bit in the way. When they answered they were really pleased, having waited in for some time for it. We had a little chat on the door step and discovered that she and her family were from Bulgaria, a country I was planning to visit imminently for a research trip. She ended up inviting me for tea and helped me to plan a little of my trip. We then discovered we had a similar interest in plants and have set a date to visit Kew Gardens together… it seems neighbours can become friends in a flash…
On my way home the other week I came across a set of keys on the pavement, I could tell they were for the block of flats I live in because there was a ‘fob’ to enter the building on the key ring. I posted a note on our community Facebook page to alert anyone who had lost them to get in touch. The next day I had a message from my new neighbour who had just moved in that he had lost some. He was so pleased I had taken the time to pick them up, having been anxious about the keys that the next day he delivered flowers to say thanks.”