Heike – Moulsecoomb

“Up in North Moulsecoomb we had our second annual Big Lunch, on a green patch in Staplefield Drive. We combined it with a one hour long street play, which involved closing Wheatfield Drive to traffic. For this I had to knock on every door and ask for signatures for my petition to the council. If we got 2/3rds in favour the free license for road closure would be granted. I was nervous because most neighbours use their car a lot to get about and might feel inconvenienced. How pleased I was that every single person who opened the door signed in favour of letting children play on the road!

More than 20 people joined our BBQ by the roadside. We had bunting up and a sun shade. Some neighbours lent us tables even if they could not make it themselves. The local fisherman contributed fresh mackerel to the BBQ. The sun was blazing. We met some new faces, some of which are older people living alone. We started at 1pm and did not stop till 5! The children played on their scooters and drew on the road with chalk and water. A lovely day. Passersby smiled at the scene- we invited them but often they seemed a little shy.
Later a neighbour knocked on my door to report that some people sent their apologies but would love to take part next year! We’ll definitely do it again.”